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About us

Launched on 26 October, 2001, in New Delhi , Prabha Sakshi is one of the leading Hindi news portal owned by Dwarikesh Informatics Limited.

Dwarikesh Informatics Limited (DIL) is an company with a focus on information technology and mass media. It has developed major presence in the twin areas of its operation IT and Media.

In information technology, DIL operates mainly in areas including but not limited to information sourcing, processing, preservation  and presentation; data analysis, web development, software planning, development, testing and deployment; web services development and maintenance, domain management, web design, development, hosting and maintenance; web based security systems, communication systems and search technologies. The company is also engaged in development of multilingual technologies.

In media, the company focuses on content development, processing and presentation; web and portal content management, content research and analysis and content provision. It also undertakes tasks such as graphic designing, identity development, publicity, public relations, advertising, and print publication services.

The company also develops and manages websites, portals, web services and software for different clients, including the parent company- Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited.

The Company is running news based Internet portal in Hindi by the name "Prabhasakshi" since year 2001  and is contributing towards bridging the digital divide by providing Hindi content to people in Hindi, their mother tongue.

DIL actively uses social networking platforms to spread awareness on its projects and work as well as receiving feedback from the readers.

Keeping with the new technological developments and concurrent online trends, the portal, was revamped and redesigned in 2016.

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